Apple’s Q2 2013 in 30 seconds or less

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Apple reported its second quarter 2013 results today, with revenue of $43.6 billion and income of $9.5 billion. Analysts had expected revenue of $42.5 billion and income of $10 billion. Apple’s guidance had been between $41 and $43 billion.

Device sales:

  • iPhone: 37.4 million
  • iPad: 19.5 million
  • Mac: just under 4 million

These numbers are down, naturally, from the first quarter of this year, in which Apple sold almost 48 million iPhones, 23 million iPads, and 12.7 million iPods. That quarter includes the Christmas shopping season, however, which is a big season for Apple.

Last year’s comparable quarter, Q2 2012, was a big growth period for the company, with revenue of $39.2 billion and income of $11.6 billion and an 88 percent increase in iPhone sales and a massive 151 percent increase in iPad sales, year-over-year:

  • iPhone: 35.1 million
  • iPad: 11.8 million
  • Mac: 4 million
  • iPod: 7.7 million

The company’s iPhone numbers beat the year-ago quarter, but just barely, while iPad numbers were up healthily, although probably not as much as analysts would have liked. Mac numbers, of course, were down.

In other news, Apple is hiking its quarterly dividend by 15 percent and is planning to buy back $50 billion of its own shares.

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