The best hackers never stop learning, and one of the most useful skills in a developer’s arsenal is the related discipline of design.

To that end, designer David Kadavy has launched a free online course called Summer of Design. Going beyond tricks and trends, the email-based course delves into design theory, color science, and typographic etiquette.

The curriculum is Kadavy’s master work, Design for Hackers, a fascinating tome on app design and a design history primer.

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“I realize that sometimes it helps to have someone pushing you along while you try to learn something. Summer of Design is a scheduled email course, and you go through it along with everyone else in the course,” Kadavy said via email.

“It’s like having a free design coach to get you through Design for Hackers.”

Although the course is free, enrollment ends in just one week. The textbook, as it were, sells for around $25 on Amazon.

If you’re still curious about the kind of theory and science Summer of Design will deliver, check out Kadavy’s awesome TED talk on design literacy.

Image credit: David Kadavy