Here’s how Apple’s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C media event went down (live blog)

Image Credit: Jolie O'Dell/VentureBeat

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C today at a media event on its Cupertino campus. Below, check out our play-by-play of the event, as well as our breakout coverage.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201311:33 am

Thanks for joining us, everyone!

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201311:25 am

Could you grab an iWatch for me on the way out, @JolieO’Dell?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:24 am

Okee dokee, once this slow jam is done, we’re gonna try to get some hands-on time with the new hotness. Pics and video coming soon, barring the unforeseen or disastrous.

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:21 am

On your wrist.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:21 am

“This is a new song I’ve never played it in public before. It’s from a record I’m going to release next week — see, I’ve got product announcements, too!” — Costello

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201311:21 am

Uh, where’s my watch?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:20 am

@Devindra. I was legitimately gobsmacked.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201311:19 am

So, is anyone else surprised that just about all the leaks were correct?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:17 am

Now playing a song called “Radio Soul.” Older he may be, but he’s still got it.

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:17 am

Ah, those are the people Apple just discovered are buying most of the new smartphones?

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201311:15 am

Sick burn, Nokia! ;)

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:14 am

Costello reveals his first job was as a computer operator.

“Looking at all the magic today, I think I went into the wrong profession.”

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201311:14 am

Hey, Elvis! Someone I know, finally.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:13 am

“What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and understanding?” Nice cover.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201311:13 am

I feel like we’ve all been Jedi mind-tricked. Look over here, Elvis Costello!

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:12 am

Well, I guess that with the musical guest playing, there is no more hope for One More Thing™. Little sad about that.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:11 am

@John Well, I’ll get a picture first.

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:11 am

So are you walking out, Jolie?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:10 am

It’s Elvis Freaking Costello!!!

Gosh, he’s older than I remembered.

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:10 am

If it is Kanye, you should walk out.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:10 am

Oh, geez. We’re seeing a musical guest now. If it’s not Kanye, I’m walking out.

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:09 am

Will there, will there, will there be ONE MORE THING?

Pretty, pretty please.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201311:08 am

I’ll rephrase for Tim Cook: “It was too hard to add a bigger screen, so look at all this other stuff.”

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:08 am

Touch ID will apparently come to *all* Apple products. Hmmm, interesting.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:08 am

We get to watch an iPhone ad now. I thought this whole thing WAS an iPhone ad?

This one focuses on global users, especially folks in developing areas — India, Africa, and parts of Asia.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:07 am

“We don’t just pack in feature after feature. Instead, we think deeply about what kind of experiences we want to create.” — Tim Cook, who’s wrapping it all up for us.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:05 am

iPhones will be ready for preorder this Friday, Sept. 13.

On Sept. 20, both phones will be available for sale.

Dylan Tweney September 10, 201311:05 am

Here, I’ve updated the fingerprint scanner diagram with an important detail Apple left out.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:05 am

$199, $299, and $399 price points, depending on how many hardcore games you need to play. $40 for a leather case.

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201311:05 am

Yeah, where is that upload to NSA one-touch button?

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:04 am

6GB at $199. 32GB at $299, and 64GB at $399. On contract, of course.

John Koetsier September 10, 201311:04 am

A bit. I trust less and less every year :-)

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:02 am

“All fingertip information is encrypted. … It’s never stored to Apple servers or backed up to iCloud.”

Feel better yet, @John?

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201311:01 am

With that fingerprint-scanning feature, I would be able to turn my phone on without having to punch in that code while I’m driving. … Oh, wait. I didn’t say that.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201311:00 am

Here’s a look at the hardware for the fingerprint-scanning features:

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:59 am

You can use your fingerprint to access your iTunes account.

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:59 am

Hey, psst. You. Come over here. I got a trunk full of A7 chips for sale. You want some?

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:58 am

Yay, the NSA will now have my fingerprint. So excited about that

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:58 am

Now we’re talking about passcodes for lockscreens. We got biometrics, y’all.

“It’s called touch ID. … It uses your fingerprint at an incredibly detailed level, and that’s because of a new sensor, the Touch ID Sensor.”

500 pixels per inch, this thing scans. And it scans subdermal layers. That’s gotta hurt!

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:57 am

You folks already know this. But for those people who prefer a properly written story:

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201310:56 am

The iPhone 5C camera updates look fantastic. It’s a shame that Android phones still can’t compare in the camera department.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:55 am

OK, so these are pretty awesome pics I’m seeing. Wonder if real-world pics will be as good.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:55 am

Now we’re looking at pictures of food on weathered barn wood. They’re crystal clear, naturally.

Hope you consumers have some barn wood layin’ around.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:54 am

And here are almost all the iPhone 5S details, all together.

More to come. …

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201310:54 am

Notice how Apple is focusing so much on internal specs, where people really want to see external changes like a *freaking bigger screen.*

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:51 am

Oh man, hipsters are gonna hate the new flash, which makes you look pretty much natural. No more “American Apparel” look with the iPhone!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:50 am

@Dean Moore’s Law, man.

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:50 am

Gamers unite! 64-bits! 128 next!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:48 am

New camera:

• new 5-element lens with f/2.2 aperture
• 15 percent larger active sensor area
• 1.5 micrometers per pixel
• slow-mo video
• burst mode

[Bagging on the new 41-MP Windows Phone]

Jason Wilson September 10, 201310:48 am

@Devindra Game developers will love the new 64-bit jazz.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:46 am

@Jason @Dylan I ain’t sayin’ she’s a golddigger! She just wants a gold iPhone!

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:46 am

iPhone 5S will be a fitness device … it knows when you’re walking, jogging, working out.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:46 am

@Dean Likely so! I was busy taking pics when they announced him. Story of my life.

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:45 am

@JolieO’Dell would that be Tim Sweeney of Epic Games? Re: White Dude No. 1.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:45 am

The new chip is called M7, a motion coprocessor.

• continuously measures motion data
• uses accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
• coreMotion API IDs user movement
• optimizes based on contextual awareness

All this means better fitness, driving apps.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201310:45 am

64-bit chips will let future iPhones use more than 4GB of RAM. Doesn’t have much of an effect otherwise.

Jason Wilson September 10, 201310:45 am

@Dylan Women love gold, too. Especially in Asia. Or women from Asia. I know my Chinese mother-in-law will want one.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:43 am

@Ricardo: We don’t. Except maybe the hardcore mobile gamers.

“This completely redefines … mobile gaming, because of the power of the iPhone,” says Epic Games White Dude Number One.

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:41 am

Hey, Bilton. Don’t dissent. IT’S 64 BITS!

Ricardo Bilton September 10, 201310:41 am

Can someone explain to the liveblog readers why we need a 64-bit smartphone?

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:39 am

This is very un-Apple, with massive emphasis on the hardware specs of the phone. I thought we were beyond that?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:39 am

Epic Games takes the stage. I feel like Dean will have something to say here. They’re showing off new graphics capabilities. Demos are always pretty gee-whiz perfect, and this one looks hella good so far.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:39 am

@Dylan: But does it have SPARKLES. My gurls out there need their bling, yo.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:39 am

Can’t get the Goldmember song out of my head!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:38 am

The iPhone 5C comes in blue, white, pink, yellow, and green and starts at $99.

Dylan Tweney September 10, 201310:38 am

@Jason Yes. And pink is very important to women. WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:38 am

Software stats:
• 64-bit kernel
• Xcode support
• all built-in apps reengineered
• backward-compatible with 32-bit apps

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:38 am

A7 64 bits. Well, when are we gonna see 128 bits? Come on!

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:37 am

The world’s first 64-bit mobile phone?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:37 am

Hardware stats:
• 1 billion transistors
• modern instruction set
• 2-times general purpose registers
• 2-times floating-point registers

Jason Wilson September 10, 201310:37 am

@Dylan Gold should matter to you. Gold is seen as a good color in Asia.

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:37 am

Hey, no dissenting comments, Koetsier. It’s gold!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:36 am

“A huge leap forward in mobile computing performance.”

A7, 64 bit chip.

Dylan Tweney September 10, 201310:36 am

Thank god there’s a gold version. That’s all that matters to me. GOLD.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:35 am

Looks pretty similar to the iPhone 5, doesn’t it?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:35 am

Comes in silver, gold, and “space gray.” — Did I hear that right?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:34 am


Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:34 am

iPhone 5S confirmed.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:33 am

Silicone cases for many color combinations.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:32 am

Come on, Apple … we want to see the iPhone 5S

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:31 am

It may be “downmarket,” but it’s Apple downmarket. That’s still pretty upmarket.

Dylan Tweney September 10, 201310:31 am

You used to be able to get the iPhone 4 for free (with contract) from the Apple store. That option is now gone, apparently.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:31 am

I think with the colors it’ll be a tough choice for a lot of people. Of course … we haven’t seen the new iPhone 5S yet.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:30 am

So, this is the long-rumored downmarket iPhone.

Good for Apple. Now it stands a chance of grabbing their NEXT 700M customers around the world.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:30 am

Older processor to differentiate from the new iPhone 5S, I think. …

Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:29 am

No A7? Hmmm. …

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:29 am

Showing another video, this time for the iPhone 5C.

“It’s simpler … yet more capable and certainly more colorful.”

“It’s beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:28 am

You can buy more cases for $30 a pop.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:28 am

Nice pricing! This is going to be big both here and around the world

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:28 am

The iPhone 5C comes in blue, white, pink, yellow, and green and tarts at $99.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:28 am

I like it. :-)

It’s sorta like the Moto X … choose your color for buttons, controls, and back at the same time.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:26 am

No seams, steel-reinforced structure, polycarbonate case, 4-inch Retina display… .

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:25 am


Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:23 am

iPhone 5C confirmed.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:22 am

Shocked! I’m just shocked!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:22 am

Cook: “This year, we’re not going to [lower the price of the old iPhone.] We’re going to replace the iPhone 5 with not one but two new designs.”

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:21 am

Update: iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie are now all free … WITH A NEW PHONE.


Dean Takahashi September 10, 201310:21 am

Meanwhile, Intel has announced a 14-nanometer chip. And sub-$100 tablets coming this fall. Match that, Apple. :)

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:21 am


Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:21 am

@Jason: A couple years ago, I clapped and woo-hoo’d for the big Android upgrade at Google I/O. =/

Bad reporter! No cake for me.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:20 am

Umm, that’s a big yay. Wow.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:20 am

iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie are now all free.

Jason Wilson September 10, 201310:19 am

@Jolie You might go gay for your Windows Phone, but you wouldn’t clap at an event you’re covering.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:18 am

A few more details on Apple’s 700 million iOS devices claim right here. …

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:18 am

Cook’s talking about iWork, which “now consists of the best mobile productivity apps on any platform.”

Also iPhoto and iMovie: “No other platform has any apps like these.”
HAH! Tell that to Adobe.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 201310:17 am

I’ve tested out several of the iOS 7 dev previews, and it seems like a lot of the annoying candy-colored elements are still there. Should be interesting to see how normal folks adapt to this style.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:17 am

iOS 7 is free, free as a bird, free for all (if your device supports it).

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:17 am

iOS 7 is landing on September 18 for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. You’ll get iOS 7 on your iPhone 4 and later and iPad 2 and later.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:16 am

Wow, the press people are laughing and clapping at every little iOS feature. I feel like the objectivity was left at the door for most of these fan-reporters.

Then again, we all have our favorite companies and devices, right? I’d go gay for my Windows Phone, no doubt.

Meghan Kelly September 10, 201310:11 am

Yeah, Google’s Sundar Pichai said it! One billion Androids out there wandering the world.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:11 am

Now they’re reintroducing iOS features we covered from WWDC.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:10 am

Here’s our story on one billion Android devices … of course, Apple might claim that iOS devices are used and loved more.


Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:10 am

@John: Hey, how dare you question TIM COOK? He said iOS is the most advanced OS in the world. IN THE WORLD.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:09 am

Here’s the new store:

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:09 am

Fact check: Android just hit a billion, right?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:09 am

“Next month, we will ship [iOS] to 700 million iOS devices. And since we make updates easy … iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s most popular operating system.”

Fact check on aisle 3!

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:08 am

iOS 7!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:07 am

Tim’s talking retail.

Palo Alto got a new “gorgeous pavilion design” and eight times more floor space.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:07 am

Women dancing in underwear — Lady Gaga does that very well. Not sure what it has do to with NEW APPLE IPHONES.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:06 am

@John: Yeah, yeah, yeah. ;)

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:05 am

What?!? It’s a lineup for new Apple iGadgets?

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:04 am

Now, we’re watching a video about the festival. It’s riveting.*

*Not really. It’s pretty much a bunch of B-roll featuring screaming young people.

John Koetsier September 10, 201310:04 am

Of course, I can’t wait to see Lady Gaga :-)


Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:03 am

Cook says 20 million people applied for iTunes Festival, so the company is livestreaming the event to 100-plus countries.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:02 am


Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:01 am

The lights are going down, the eager crowd is hushed. Tim Cook enters to “hoo-hoo” noises and extended clapping.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 201310:00 am

And I’m two rows directly in *front* of former VB editor Heather Kelly. We note that this is the most sausage-festy event we’ve been to in a long, long while. I mean, wall-to-wall white dudes.

Interestingly, I’m actually a substitute for VB’s original invitee, executive editor Dylan Tweney, a white dude.

Go, white dudes!

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 20139:57 am

Oh wow, I’m two rows directly behind Apple senior vice president of design Jony Ive. Huh.

For all you fanfolks, he’s wearing a blue shirt and is more or less hairess. He’s flanked by two women wearing identical black sheath dresses. It’s all about the details … or something.

John Koetsier September 10, 20139:57 am

Interesting. On the day of Apple’s big event, Samsung trade-ins are way up.

Reseller Gazelle says it expects this launch to be two to three times the size of last year’s iPhone 5 event.

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 20139:56 am

I mean, look at these vultures!

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 20139:55 am

Conspiracy theory time: I wonder why Apple isn’t running a livestream for this event. All of the recent iPhone/iPad announcements have had livestreams (but most were also set in San Francisco’s Moscone Center).

I wonder if killing the livestream is a way to filter out the news through an enthusiastic press. Perhaps a sign that this isn’t a huge iPhone update in the first place? (The rumors really don’t point to much new stuff, aside from the fingerprint scanner.)

Jolie O'Dell September 10, 20139:55 am

It was the running of the bulls! It was a Sex Pistols mosh pit! But yours truly threw and elbow or two and got in the first press-reserved row.

I do this for you because I love you.

More pics coming soon from the standing-room-only Town Hall.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 20139:52 am

And we’re in! Jolie is scrambling to find a seat. (If you’ve never seen this happen, it’s sort of a madhouse.)

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 20139:42 am

Bad news for Apple: Jolie says all the press around her are for more interested in chatting about the new Windows Phones.

Relevant, Microsoft points out that Windows Phone grew 78% last quarter.

Devindra Hardawar September 10, 20139:39 am

Here’s everyone lined up and waiting to get into the event. Jolie says they will start heading inside in 15 minutes.

John Koetsier September 10, 20139:35 am

The Apple Store is currently shut down with multilingual messages saying, “We’ll be back.” Apple’s either channeling Arnold Schwarzenegger or hinting at actual, orderable products available TODAY.

John Koetsier September 10, 20139:33 am

Our intrepid Jolie O’Dell is boots on the ground at 4 Infinite Loop on Apple’s campus in Cupertino, Calif. …

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