A Twitter app will be shutting down soon. But it’s OK, because you probably forgot it was on your phone in the first place.

That app is Twitter Music — remember it? — and later this afternoon, the company will be pulling it from the App Store before entirely shutting it down on April 18. Twitter Music tweeted this official announcement:

Rumors of the app’s existence nearing its end because of poor performance appeared as far back as October, only six months after launch, as we previously reported.

After launching in April, the app failed to gain the momentum, adoption, and engagement the company had hoped for. Even just a month after its launch, the app’s “market share” (defined as the percentage of iPhones in the market that have it installed) dropped 62 percent.

Twitter launched its standalone music app after acquiring music-discovery service We Are Hunted, which authored one of the most popular Spotify apps, and putting its team and product to work toward a Twitter app.

Unfortunately, it didn’t look like Twitter itself was putting a lot of energy into the app after its launch, with the executive in charge of it leaving the following month, and the company focused its music-related energies into signing deals with Apple and Rdio and hiring a high-profile lead.

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