That blogs and other new media are having an effect on old media has been well documented. But another area of the media landscape — public relations — is grappling with the changes too.

Last week, Redwood City PR firm Eastwick Communications launched a program called eastwikkers intended to help companies devise strategies to combine new tools such as wikis into their PR efforts. That could include public blogs for company executives or internal wikis aimed at helping employees collborate more efficiently. Eastwick has partnered with Palo Alto wiki company Socialtext to offer its clients a private label wiki service called eastwiki.

The firm’s first client is Intellisync, which is using a wiki to help coordinate communications among its internal marketing team, Eastwick and several agencies in Europe.

Giovanni Rodriguez, executive vice president of Eastwick, who is helping spearhead the effort, said he envisions many different uses for blogs and wikis. He said the firm might create private, online spaces for reporters, or for clients to connect with each other. Public spaces where competitors can come together to discuss issues that are common to them is another option.

“We could aggregate info about a topic into one space,” he said. “We think it could provide visibility to the participants. But that’s later, farther out.”

This is all new to the Eastwick team, and they are feeling their way though. But says Rodriguez, “We feel confident enough to throw resources at it.”