arrowping_logo.gifWe (Matt) will be moderating a panel this evening at Silicom Ventures about early stage investing, and the theme of tandem development, both here in S.V. and abroad, is sure to come up. Hope to see some of you there.

The latest: Arrowping Network, a stealth Cupertino start-up developing wireless broadband technology, has raised $4 million in a first round, reports VentureWire (sub req).

Only reference we could find to it through a Google search was via investors Genesis Campus and Mobility Ventures, though apparently Acorn Campus is an investor too. The company first aims target the voice and data networks in fast-growing China, which is a familiar theme. Here: Headquarters, money-raisers and high-end product development and strategy. Somewhere in east Asia: Engineering and other research and development. Video54, another fresh start-up (see here too), is doing the same.

From the VentureWire story:

…Arrowping is leveraging its relationship with strategic partner Beijing Xinwei Technology Co., a network equipment supplier and operator in China. Beijing Xinwei is making a push for the development and adoption of SCDMA, or Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access, a homegrown wireless access system, also called “Big Smart” wireless phone service.