netnewswireIconlarge.pngIf you’re a Mac user and you use RSS to consume your news, chances are you’ve at least tried NetNewsWire, the hugely-popular desktop RSS aggregator. The news today is that NewsGator Technologies has acquired NetNewsWire, along with Ranchero Software founder Brent Simmons. Simmons joins NewsGator as product architect. The move makes sense for NewsGator. It now has all the RSS aggregator pieces under one roof: a Web-based aggregator, a Windows client and now a Mac client. “This makes us the leader in terms of market share,” said Greg Reinacker, founder and CTO of NewsGator. “We’ve really wanted to extend the platform to the Mac.” Reinacker also told us that NewsGator is exploring a subscription model for its software, with subscribers getting more bells and whistles.

All that aside, we have to wonder what the RSS landscape is going to look like in a couple of years, once Microsoft’s Vista rolls out with RSS tightly integrated into it. More about that here, including a link to a video with Microsoft developers that demos some of what they have in mind.