Yesterday we referred to a blog posting by Dan Gillmor. We’d read it via RSS, and said that we couldn’t find a permanent link. We’d assumed it was a temporary flub with his blog, and reached out to Dan to find out what happened. Turns out, Dan had taken the post down. Another blog had linked to the same story, and has also since taken its post down. So now we are
too, because we haven’t been able to verify it.

UPDATE: For those who remain curious about this, check out this NY Daily News link. By the way, we are not trying to be elusive here; it is just that Gillmor is busy at a Prague conference and we haven’t been able to get all the details. And from the Daily News piece, it appears the existence of the article is not a hoax; the issue is whether the article’s claims are credible. We will continue to evaluate this.