Creative Weblogging, a Palo Alto start-up that groups together 45 blogs in a network, said Wednesday it had raised an “undisclosed” amount of money from angels.

Torsten Jacobi

In his announcement, chief executive Torsten Jacobi also referred readers to the company’s new homepage.

Problem is, its three bubbles at the top of the page look remarkably similar to the home page of Weblogs Inc., a competitor. So the next day, Thursday, Weblogs chief executive Jason Calacanis, got pretty upset about it, calling Creative Weblogging a “bunch of thieves.” To which TJ responded on Friday with…

his own impressive list of how he said Weblogs has played “dirty.” Luckily, the weekend ushered in a ceasefire.

For his funding, TJ apparently draws upon his German connections: Among Creative’s angels are three German tech pioneers: Nils Weitemeyer and Jan Andresen, co-founders of mobile entertainment provider Elkware, and Stefan Wiskemann, co-founder of community publishing solutions provider 21Publish.

Creative says its network of technology- and consumer-focused blogs attract more than one million readers a month.