Topix, the Palo Alto-based news search engine, is now aggressively incorporating blogs into its crawl and search results. Says CEO Rich Skrenta on the Topix blog:

Today we added 15,000 top weblogs to the crawling/tagging engine. Blog posts are being categorized into our 30,000 local feeds as well as our 300,000 subject feeds. Our search results now include blog results, and posts should show up on our site and search index within 1-3 minutes of being crawled….Blogs and news are now on equal footing on

Rich and the crew have also done some blogs-vs.-mainstream media comparisons of news coverage. One interesting nugget on the size of the blogging world: Skrenta says that “85-90% of the daily posts hitting ping services such as are spam. Of well-ranked non-spam blogs that we’ve discovered, we’ve found about half haven’t been updated in the past 60 days. ”

(Full disclosure: Topix is partly owned by Knight Ridder, which also owns our employer, the Mercury News.)