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Scott Sassa, by nndb

The latest board changes at Silicon Valley game publishing company, Digital Chocolate, provides insight into the central role venture capital firms play here.

Last year, well-known venture firm Kleiner Perkins helped recruit media executive Scott Sassa from southern California, to become chief executive of Friendster, a then-hot social networking company. Kleiner is an investor in Friendster. But Friendster didn’t exactly sizzle while

…Sassa was there, and within a year he was replaced.

But Sassa kept a job as a so-called “CEO-in-Residence” at Kleiner, according to VentureWire (sub required). That is someone who is ready to be appointed to run a Kleiner Perkins portfolio company, when needed, or to simply help out on the side.

And so now he has been appointed a new board member at another Kleiner company, Digital Chocolate. As this story suggests (the picture is of Trip Hawkins, the chief executive), Sassa may be a good fit because Friendster gave him some insights into social networking, and that could mesh well with Digital Chocolate’s emphasis on social networking for mobile games.