Tzero Technologies, a Sunnyvale start-up developing a chip to provide ultra wideband (UWB) for delivering video wirelessly throughout the home, has raised an undisclosed amount of money from Victor Tsao, a senior vice president of Cisco.

The investment is notable because Tsao is supposed to be looking for investments for Cisco, but this investment came from his own pocket. Tsao, a co-founder of wireless router company Linksys, had been retained by Cisco as an employee, after Cisco acquired Linksys three years ago. But he’s clearly doing his own thing. He recently became a key investor in Northern Light, a venture firm in China. And he has made nine strategic investments so far via his venture firm, Miven Venture Partners, including in Beijing digital mapping company, Lingtu.

Tsao’s investment in Tzero is an extension of the Tzero’s second round of financing. It raised $25.5 million in June.

Miven will act as a strategic advisor to the Tzero in Asia, the company said.