Pixim, a Mountain View, Calif. company that builds chips for videos cameras that improve color, and reduce blooming and smear in bad lighting conditions, has raised $15 million.

The investment comes from Tallwood Venture Capital, Ridgewood Capital, Mayfield Fund and unnamed others.

Pixim’s chipset is called Orca, and the company says it has set a new standard for wide dynamic range.

From a company’s statement:

In recent test results published by Protector Magazine, the leading physical security publication in Germany, surveillance camera entries with Pixim chipsets claimed four of the top five rankings for best wide-dynamic range security cameras, out of a total of sixteen cameras tested…

…Customers shipping Pixim chipsets in their security camera products include: Baxall, CIEFFE, Dallmeier, EverFocus, Tyco Fire & Security, GE Security, General Solutions, Honeywell, Ikegami, JVC, Pelco, Siemens, Sunell, Speco Technologies, D-Max, GSP, Verint, Cohu Electronics, ChipER, deView, Eagle Technology, ioimage, FSAN, Lumenera, Pacific Communications, Nuvation, One Security, VTC, Videor Technical, Smartvue, DVTel, Mosaic, Intellicam Digital Security, LJD Digital Security, and Electronics Line USA.

Update: Dan Primack reports this follows a restart of the company in 2005, when it raised $12 million. This followed $75 million in backing from Mohr, Davidow Ventures, Newbury Ventures and Mayfield Fund during the bubble. Primack notes MDV no longer supported the company because Rob Chaplinsky, the MDV partner who sourced the deal, left to form Bridgescale Partners.