Extreme DA, a Palo Alto, Ca designer of integrated circuit products that improve manufacturing yield and handle variations created by the use of nanometer processes in semiconductor production, has raised $7.38 million in a second round of funding.

It was led by Foundation Capital, and included a mix of cash and loans. Other investors included IT-Farm Corporation and Lanza techVentures.

The statement is here.

Here’s a snippet:

“Timing closure is often a challenge for chip designs in smaller process geometries,” said Mike Schuh, General Partner of Foundation Capital. “Extreme DA’s variation-aware timing analysis tools provide the optimal performance and faster timing closure that’s necessary for designs manufactured at 65-nanometers and below.”

…About his firm’s investment, IT-Farm Corporation President, Morio Kurosaki, said, “The semiconductor industry in Japan is driven by high-end consumer electronics. Chips for this market sector have formidable requirements for quality, fast yield ramp-up, and short design cycles. Process variations at advanced technology nodes are a major barrier to meeting these goals. Extreme DA has technology that addresses design problems by accounting for process variation. We are glad to participate in the funding of the company.”

(Story originally reported 4/5)