(originally written 5/18)

Evergrid, a Fremont company that offers a “virtualization” product that lets companies more efficiently manage their data centers, has raised $10 million in a second round of funding.

Right now, the product is used by customers that do high performance technical computing, for example by military contractors simulating nuclear explosions, or auto makers simulating how wind goes over cars.

The company will soon move to let customers run basic applications, such as those from SAP or Oracle with its product — and is working to update its virtualization technology to do this. Evergrid’s product works at a layer above the operating system, a level higher than those offered by players such as VMWare and Xensource. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems, including different types of systems (Linux, Windows, etc) on the same server — letting you use your hardware more efficiently.

Chief executive Dave Anderson is an early player in the virtualization space, having won key patents at Amdahl for mainframe virtualization twenty years ago.

Investors are Menlo Ventures, which led the round, and Acartha Group. The company previously raised $6 million.