Dreamerz Foods, a San Francisco natural foods company that says it seeks to induce “healthy sleep and stress reduction” with its food products, has raised $10 million in a second round of funding.

The company’s statement is here.

The financing comes from Physic Ventures, Dean Foods Company and Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd. Original investors Burrill & Company, Great Spirit Ventures, Prolog Ventures, and Unilever Ventures also participated in the financing, the company said

Dreamerz Foods says it is one of the most “scientifically-advanced functional food” businesses to come to market.

We’re not sure whether to find this amusing or quite sad, because we find the best food is usually not scientifically advanced at all. Though perhaps we are luddites in this area. Moreover, the company’s marketing says the food’s ingredients support a “balanced lifestyle.” This is quite the dream food indeed.

From the statement:

“Millions of Americans are sleep-deprived, but have not found solutions that fit with their desire to lead a healthy lifestyle,” said Steele. “This support from our investors will enable us to scale up to meet the growing demand for products like Dreamerz that deliver real efficacy for relaxation and sleep in a delicious, natural form that can be enjoyed every day without fear of addiction or after-effects.”