picture-15.pngPassenger, a Los Angeles company that provides social networking software to companies so that they can privately solicit customer input on products and ideas, has raised another $8.3 million in financing.

Walt Disney-backed Steamboat Ventures has joined Shelter Capital Partners and StarVest Partners in the financing. Passenger has previously raised $5.2 million.

The company launched in February, and joins a bunch of other companies offering software allowing people to consult in groups.

Passenger includes a message board, a way to create a user profile and view other user profiles, and other generic social-networking features. The startup hopes its software will trigger a feedback loop of useful information to help its client companies make better customer-facing decisions.

Passenger has been working with Coca-Cola and ABC Television, according to Webware — the article notes the “vision of a company-consumer feedback network is probably a bit utopian, as many corporations are likely going to prefer that their social networks consist of loyal followers rather than constructive critics.”