diettvlogo.jpgIn the latest effort by investors hungry to exploit lucrative niches in online advertising, New York City’s DietTV , a social network for dieters, has raised $2 million.

America is a fat country, packed with people trying to lose weight, so it’s no surprise that social networks would spring up around this theme, and there are plenty of companies seeking to tap into one of America’s biggest obsessions and advertise their diet wares. There is Fat Secret, where users can go to share dieting experiences, write journals, and post recipes and tips for fellow dieters. At Losing It, a social network built around a dieting book of the same name, you can browse through support groups, write blogs and get awarded gold stars for good progress. The popular SparkPeople combines social networking with a number of weight loss tools, like meal plans, calorie counters, exercise demos, and so on.

DietTV, while combining many of these elements, stands out because of its elegant, minimalist and intuitive interface and a couple of interesting features. The most notable feature is the section called “learn it.” Here, you use sliding bars to set a series of preferences around which to build your diet. For example, you can input how frequently you want to consume carbs, red meat, fruit, milk, and booze, and the site matches you with 20 different diet plans, including well-known systems like Jenny Craig. Similarly, in the “ExerciseFinder,” you set your current weight, your target weight, and the kind of exercise you plan to do. Based on your inputs, DietTV will tell you the date you can expect to achieve your goals.

The rest of the site provides a number of progress-tracking tools, meal plans, support groups, motivational videos, and social networking. Everything on the site is clean and uncluttered, with simple drop down sections and lots of white space on the page.

Unlike some of its competitors, DietTV is free to use, and it has a great venue for targeted ads. All it needs to do now is convince America’s overweight people to scamper on board.

MentorTech Ventures led the round.