utterzscren.pngRPM Communications, a company that offers Foonz, a conference calling service, has announced $4 million in funding from Morgenthaler Ventures.

It has also launched a new service called Utterz for quickly publishing multimedia from your phone to a web page, like a personal blog — the immediacy of Twitter but with audio, video and images (screenshot below).

To use Utterz, dial 712-432-Mooo (6666) to record yourself talking into the phone, and email any accompanying text, videos and pictures to go@utterz.com. Utterz automatically combines whatever media you send it within a specific time frame into a multimedia blog post.

Utterz offers widgets so you can display and automatically update your Utterz posts on other social networks, including blogging platforms such as Blogger, and social networks such as Myspace. A Facebook app will be launched within the next week, the company tells us.

The service also has a stand-alone social network at Utterz.com that features users’ posts, with categories like “sports” for people with particular interests.

Meanwhile, Foonz (our coverage), RPM Communication’s flagship product, is being used by small businesses, groups of friends, and others, the company says. That service stands out for letting user make free conference calls between mobile devices.

The Boston Globe has more here.

Screenshot from here.