triggitlogo011608.pngTriggit offers a new, faster way for web publishers to add photos, videos widgets and links to sites like Amazon and YouTube.

Right now, web publishers like VentureBeat use the administrative section of a blog software to do these things. VentureBeat uses WordPress, and it can take a few steps. For example, to post an image, I have to leave our page, search for the image at another site, grab it, and upload it into WordPress. However, San Francisco-based Triggit lets you do all that directly from a toolbar within your browser — without even leaving your editor.

Here’s how Triggit works. After you install the Triggit toolbar, Triggit gives you a menu option for accessing content from other web sites, including Amazon,, Flickr and YouTube. Select one of these options — let’s say Flickr. Triggit presents you with a popup box that lets you search for Flickr photos. Choose a photo and you’ll be able to click and drag it to anywhere on your web page. See demo video below.

The site lets you insert YouTube videos. For those interested in commercial use, it also lets you insert affiliate marketing links to Amazon and others. The obvious use case is for a niche blogger, like a landscape photographer, who wants an easy way to both insert photos and link words like “digital camera” to e-commerce sites.

The first 300 VentureBeat readers who want to try the service can sign up here — use this access code: ventureb.

The company has been testing with hundreds of users, says chief executive Zach Coelius, and some are getting clickthrough rates of ten percent and have CPMs of more than $25 dollars.

The company’s next step is to build in easy ways to place graphical ads on web pages.

To date, it has raised money from angel investors as well as half a million from Bay Partners.

Here’s the video: