SpongeFish, a website featuring user-generated how-to content, has raised $2 million in a first round of funding, according to VentureWire.

I have to admit that I’m a bit baffled by the plethora of how-to websites, but there does seem to be real interest here. In our coverage of how-to video site MindBites, chief executive Jason Reneau said the market’s big enough for multiple sites to survive.

SpongeFish claims to stand out by offering the best content in the widest range of formats — not just videos, but documents, photos and other rich media too. Users can rate the usefulness of each lesson.

SpongeFish has some fun with the concept too — right now, it’s hosting a “So good it could be Mom’s” life advice contest. Despite its lack of real-world practicality, my favorite entry is probably “How to enjoy a grizzly bear attack.”

It seems like the San Francisco-based company’s success will come down to the the breadth and intelligence of its user community. The site only officially launched this week, but it’s been up for several months, and had 250,000 unique visitors in February.