Sampa, a Redmond, Wash.-based company offering a family networking service, has gotten a $1 million investment from more than 10 investors, including Seattle angel investor Geoff Entress and former executives at Micorsoft, Netscape and Lightsurf.

Sampa is a free service for families to share blogs, pictures, stories, and vacation plans by creating a private place on the net, similar to Sampa makes its money on the ads on the site, about $1,000 a month, says Paul Gross, the CEO of Sampa. Sampa is going to offer a paid service without ads next fall.

Today Sampa launched a redesigned site with tools that make the pages easier to create.

“The site has been more of a techie thing. Now it is much more approachable to anybody”, Gross says.

So far, almost 70,000 sites have been created at Sampa, and the site got 2.3 million page views last month. The number is growing by 20 percent a month. The target group of the service is 25-44 years old women with families. According to Gross, the goal is to get a million created sites in five years.

The company was founded in 2005 by Marcelo Calbucci, a former development manager at Microsoft. CEO Gross, former senior VP of Mobility at Microsoft joined Sampa in 2006.