SnapLogic, an open-source data integration company, is ready to start making money. Until now, SnapLogic’s software — which uses simple web protocols to allow companies to create enterprise mashups — has been available for free, but chief executive Chris Marino says the startup has built enough of a following that it can charging. The software itself will be the same across the free, professional and enterprise editions, but SnapLogic will charge for additional support — $9,000 annually for six licenses, and $25,000 annually for 25.

The company is also releasing version 2.0 of its data integration software, which Marino says is even more “web-savvy”. It’s signed up some high-profile customers, including public broadcasting company KQED and web application platform maker WaveMaker Software.

SnapLogic raised raised $2.5 million. Marino says the company will probably go out for more funding this year, but there are no concrete plans yet.