Online animations network Aniboom is seeing a real boom in demand for the animations its independent animators are creating. The Israeli company is announcing today that it has five new outlets for its online animations and has added a half-dozen mobile TV partners — all of whom will expose 360 million viewers to Aniboom’s videos.

We wrote about Aniboom last year when it was just getting off the ground with its web site that let animators upload their self-made videos.  Now it has more than 5,000 animators from 72 countries who have contributed more than 6,000 videos, says CEO Uri Shinar.

“It’s like YouTube for animations,” Shinar said in an interview. “Though it’s more professional.”

The adult animations market, which has long been popular in Japan, has now spread worldwide, extending the U.S. and other foreign animation markets to more than just cartoons for kids. (See our previous Aniboom coverage).

Aniboom actually has its own active channel on YouTube. The Animboom animations there get two million views per month. Some of its hits so far include Jungle Jail and Animal Nation. Aniboom’s videos will reach an additional 140 million viewers through the new web site partners being announced today, including Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh Networks, blip.TV, and blinkx.

For mobile, Aniboom is teaming up with mobile entertainment distributors including Buongiorno SpA, Cellfish, Jamster, Player X Overseas, MobiTV, and Thumbplay Stateside. Those networks have more than 200 million users.

Beyond hosting animations, Aniboom has built a community around its videos. Fans can rate the videos, share them, and the artists can enter a variety of contests, such as who can do the best animation based on American Idol or Radiohead. Aniboom lets creators keep 25-30 percent of the profits from advertising for its videos, encouraging them to keep active.

Shinar also said that Aniboom has now become a test bed for new TV shows based on its animations. Some Aniboom animation series could theoretically make the leap to Comedy Central and MTV, he said. Testing videos on Aniboom is a lot less risky than commissioning a TV show that may or may not be popular.

Aniboom has 32 employees in Tel Aviv and San Francisco. In January, 2007, the company raised $4.5 million at a valuation of $17 million. It’s now in the process of closing on $10 million in additional capital.