The Go BIG Network is the largest online community that connects startups with early stage investors and alternative funding sources. Go BIG recently connected a startup with an angel investor who provided the funding that was needed to bring the venture to the next level. Read how this entrepreneur found funding for her ESPN2 TV Series and much more through Go BIG.

Here’s what happened:

Danielle Spandau, Executive Producer of Multi-Media Marketing and Production, Inc received over 25 contacts from investors and capital investment groups within the first month of posting her need for funding on the Go BIG Network. She was able to secure funding for her ESPN2 TV Series. In addition, she was able to find an executive producer and partner to take her independent television shows and production company international. Now that’s what we call success!

Featured Investors:

Michael Dauber — Battery Ventures — Menlo Park, CA
Jason Caplain — Southern Capitol Ventures — Raleigh, NC
Frank Peters — Tech Coast Angels — Orange County, CA
Paul Benedict — Adena Ventures — Athens, OH