Vbrick Systems is a relatively old member of the online video scene. For a decade it’s provided technology to websites for video hosting. As the field has evolved, so has the company, which just raised $10.4 million and plans to launch new hardware and software for streaming and pay-per-view video. The contribution went toward a $15.7 million sixth round of funding that remains open.

The Wallingford, Conn.-based company also hopes to bring in money by embedding advertising in some of the videos it serves. It brought in $30 million in revenue last year and reports that 2008 will yield even more. It’s been helped along the way by a partnership with Akamai Technologies, a company that will improve its network resources, and by a total of $62 million in VC backing to date.

The recent round of investment included Adams Capital Management, Menlo Ventures, Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, Redshift Ventures and Two River Associates.