SpongeFish, a site featuring user-generated how-to content, raised $2 million in March after launching last winter. But the company has closed, we’re told: The site is offline and the chief executive has moved on to other things.

VentureBeat’s Anthony Ha previously wrote the following about the company:

I have to admit that I’m a bit baffled by the plethora of how-to websites, but there does seem to be real interest here. In our coverage of how-to video site MindBites [a currently living rival] chief executive Jason Reneau said the market’s big enough for multiple sites to survive. SpongeFish claims to stand out by offering the best content in the widest range of formats — not just videos, but documents, photos and other rich media too.

SpongeFish had launched last winter and was getting 250,000 users by last February.

[SpongeFish logo via esomnie.com]