The 81st annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, take place on Sunday. People seem to love that award show above all others for a number of reasons: Some love the films, some love the history, some love the outfits and some just love the drinking games you can play while watching (a shot for every television shot of Jack Nicholson, etc). Not surprisingly, Apple’s App Store is filled with iPhone and iPod Touch applications for all types of Oscar lovers.

Apple has actually complied a list of the applications it’s recommending you check out before the show. Seeing as an Apple recommendation can propel an app to stardom, I asked what the criteria were for selecting these apps and was told that it was nothing scientific, just a scan of the App Store for related apps that were getting good reviews. This sounds similar to the approach Apple takes when selecting which apps it will feature in stores and on its commercials — it’s all merit-based, which is refreshing. If you make a good app, you, too, have a shot at stardom (and the riches that can come with it).

And the awards for best apps for Oscar night go to . . .

iSlumDog Millionaire: Listen to the movie soundtrack and browse through production photos of the best-picture nominee Slumdog Millionaire $0.99.
Access2Go: Get the hottest celebrity news right on your iPhone. Research Oscar nominees before they hit the red carpet. Free.
Flixster: Do your homework for the Oscars. This app is a great way to watch trailers and quickly get showtimes on your iPhone. Free.
Movie Challenge Oscar Special: Test your movie trivia and see how your predictions match up for the 2009 Academy Awards. $0.99.
And the Award Goes To: Provides information on the Academy Award winners and nominations since 1927. $0.99.
Party Planner: Plan the perfect awards party. The party planner shopping list will calculate the correct amount of food and beverages your guests will need before you hit the store.
Wine Enthusiast Guide: Transforms an iPhone or iPod Touch into a portable guide to thousands of wines. $4.99.
Drink Pro: Create some A-list cocktails for your Oscar party with this easy-to-use guide. $0.99. Dinner Spinner: Choose recipes by dish type, ingredient, and time, or shake for ideas. Free.
Style: Check out the fashions at the Academy Awards with’s coverage of Oscar’s big night out. Free.