Cisco eyeing Pure Digital? — The maker of the Flip video camera is in acquisition talks. TechCrunch has more.

Rocketeer envy going strong — The Wall Street Journal looks at the public’s fascination with jet packs, and the shape they’re taking today.

A series of fortunate events for Ev Williams — The Twitter founder recounted his haphazard ascent in the New York Times.

Nvidia takes a run at Intel — The company announced its plan to roll out an x86 microprocessor, a market that has long been cornered by Intel. PC World has more.

SunPower heats up — The Solar firm is actively pursuing private and public acquisitions, scouting for companies with full product pipelines. EETimes has the story.

Elon Musk is watching you — Tesla Motors’ chief executive, irked by media leaks, sent a company-wide memo asking employees to sign a tougher nondisclosure agreement and expounding on the virtues of mutual trust. Valleywag explains how it backfired.

Stand strong, Yahoo — Google vice president Marissa Mayer told Charlie Rose that Yahoo should remain independent for the web’s sake. Watch the full interview on the show’s site.

Neokast’s disappearing act — The peer-to-peer live video streaming company mysteriously went dark last fall after early hype. What happened? Bob Cringely has a theory.

Privacy is so over — This, according to Silicon Valley Randall Stross. Read his New York Times essay on how social networks are redefining the term.

Silicon Valley unemployment outpaces national rate — The unemployment rate in the Valley jumped to 9.4 percent, exceeding the national figure of 8.1 percent. The San Jose Mercury News has the “frightening” details.