Hulu closer to going global — The online video site backed by NBC Universal and Fox has signed a bevy of content deals with overseas television producers with an eye toward British and Bollywood programming.

OpenTable sets terms for IPO — The restaurant reservation service plans to sell 3 million shares for somewhere between $12 and $14 each to raise $16.1 million net from an IPO underwritten by Merrill Lynch & Co.

iPhones to point North — The next model of the iPhone is rumored to include a magnetometer, basically a built-in compass. See screenshots here.

Google exec joins EA board — Jeff Huber, senior vice president of engineering and key developer of AdWords and AdSense, will bring his expertise to Electronic Arts‘ board of directors.

Singapore jumps on EV bandwagon — The country has struck a deal with auto makers Renault and Nissan to jumpstart its electric vehicle and infrastructure efforts. Greentech Media has the details.

Nokia drops app store bomb — The Finnish mobile company announced that it will be launching its own massive application store later this month with the lofty goal of beating Apple at its own game.

Free web news is so over, Murdoch decrees — Rupert Murdoch says that all of News Corp.’s newspaper web properties will charge readers subscription fees within the year, effectively ending the era of freely available online news.

Schmidt brushes off antitrust talk — Google’s chief executive says he has no plans to step down from Apple’s board despite government scrutiny. PaidContent has more.

Google Founders’ letter casts wary eye on Wolfram | Alpha — Widely circulated today, the search engine’s annual letter from Larry Page and Sergey Brin admits that “it will soon be possible to have a search engine that ‘understands’ more of the queries and documents than we do today.” Wolfram | Alpha could fit this bill (maybe if it gets a catchier name).

Pre to land June 5, maybe… perhaps — Unconfirmed rumors are swirling that June 5 is launch day for the highly-anticipated Palm Pre, based on a leaked internal memo. But don’t hold your breath.

Cell operators to sell Macs? — There is some indication that Apple will sync its personal computers with cell-phone networks, giving operators like AT&T the ability to sell Macs, perhaps in tandem with wireless contracts.