Here’s the latest action:

Study says venture capitalists less relevant for web startups — Santa Clara University Prof. Robert Hendershott has concluded that lower startup costs mean many entrepreneurs should go it alone, rather than raise funding from VCs.

Why isn’t Zillow dead? — Webware’s Rafe Needleman says he thought the real estate startup was in trouble, but an interview with chief executive Rich Barton convinced him otherwise.

Google Product Search for Android adds barcode scanning — Now users can just scan a bar code and their Android will bring up the Product Search results.

MySpace chief security officer to become CSO for all of News Corp. — MySpace’s Hemanshu Nigam will now be responsible for security and privacy at all of News Corp’s online properties.

College journalists want to erase past work from Google — I actually have the opposite problem: Much of The Stanford Daily’s online archives are gone, taking hundreds of my articles along. Just sayin’. scans 13M Facebook photos every day The purpose of that scanning is to help tag Facebook users in their photos.

Next steps for Google OpenID API — In today’s blog post, Google reviews recent improvements to the API and announces a new pop-user interface.

Google’s plans to save the New York Times
— Business InsiderĀ  reports on some deals discussed between the search giant and the Gray Lady.

What do women want in a laptop? — Dell seems to have gotten the answer wrong with Della, its stereotype-filled website for women.

Oprah hits 1 million Twitter followers — And it only took 28 days.