Got an idea for an iPhone app? Good luck, it’s probably been implemented 37,000 times already.

Apps will more and more need to differentiate themselves by executing a familiar idea better, or radically differently. WhitePages’ updated WhitePages Mobile app looks a lot cleaner than the old one. But it’s also better at finding stuff.

Matt Marshall wrote about his problems with WhitePages’ background check service. But that doesn’t affect my reaction to these key new features in the iPhone app: In search results for local businesses, WhitePages now uses the iPhone’s GPS to calculate distance to the place. People searches now return company names and job titles whenever possible. And auto-populated fields reduce the amount of tapping you need to do to get to a result.

Going forward, there’s going to be a solid career in reviewing apps. For now, WhitePages serves as an example of how to continue making a good thing better.