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Apple Tablet looking even more real — More here and here.

Tokyo park keeps teen vandals out using high-pitched noisemakerWow. And is this a civil rights issue?

“The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal” — The title says it all. Facebook’s early days were mild compared to, say, the average fraternity — c’mon it was mostly dudes working on computers. But facts can’t stop a sensational story, nor Hollywood’s interest in it. CNET has more.

New York to get more big-company local news sitesFrom NBC and The Huffington Post.

VC Tim Draper, investors creating private exchange for start-up stock — It will let institutional investors buy into later-stage companies before they go public.

Religious iconography? — See image; note the Steve Ballmer angel under Bill Gates.

Conflicted conflicts of interest — A Swedish judge reviewing last month’s ruling against file-sharing site Pirate Bay for possible bias in favor of copyright groups… has been removed for ties to the same copyright groups.

Android to get accelerometer and other sensors — More here., sounds kinda like — The latter Chinese social network is suing the former over the similarity of the two names.

Broadband so slow that Amazon is letting you mail it your data — More here.

[Tablet image via Frato Blog.]

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