Here’s the latest action:

Digital TV transitionAbout 2.8 million aren’t ready for the switch from analog to digital TV on Friday.

Barry Diller on content
— The CEO of IAC says, make people pay for it. Paidcontent (of course) has more.

Fifteen iPhone Apps rendered obsolete by the new iPhone The lesson is, stay out the way of Apple, which is like a vacuum cleaner in sucking functions into the iPhone.

Microsoft to discontinue MS Money — After losing out big time to Quicken, Microsoft is giving up on personal finance software. founders leaving — CBS acquired them. But now Felix Miller and his co-founders are leaving the company they started in 2002.

Web 2.0 is English’s millionth word — Federated Media’s John Batelle marvels at how Web 2.0 is institutionalized now. Will Web Squared also become an official word?

Yahoo distributes its version of HadoopYahoo supports the free Java software framework that enables the distribution of data-intensive apps.

No Google company trips — Due to cutbacks, the do-no-evil company is cutting trips to Disneyland and other employee perks.

Schmidt dings BingGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt criticizes Microsoft’s new search engine and Yahoo as well.

Let’s chop it in twoThe New York Times muses whether the venture capital industry needs to shrink dramatically.

Shrinking game sales Analysts expect that May sales numbers for video games, being announced tomorrow, won’t top last year’s stellar numbers.