traffictweet-logoWe’ve written about several useful traffic apps for the iPhone (just yesterday, we saw the launch of crowdsourcing traffic app Waze and safety-oriented app Aha Mobile). We’ve also talked about the ways that real-time data posted on microblogging service Twitter improves commutes, both for drivers and public transit riders. Now there’s an iPhone application called TrafficTweet bringing Twitter and the iPhone together to give you the most up-to-date information for your drive.

TrafficTweet mixes updates from its users with data from other sources like Yahoo. When you use the app to make a traffic report, you’re actually sharing that report via Twitter — it’s sent as an update from your Twitter account to TrafficTweet, and from there it’s pulled back into the application. Within the TrafficTweet app (which costs 99 cents), you can see a map of all the updates, but since those tweets are all public, another developer could use them to build other applications.

traffictweet That doesn’t mean you have to type out full messages while you’re driving. TrafficTweet uses GPS data from your iPhone, so you can share reports about accidents, construction, and speed with just one or two clicks.

The fact that TrafficTweet is relying on Twitter can create its own set of problems, of course. Today, for example, attacks on Twitter have been hurting third-party applications, and Barg Upender (who founded Mobomo, the mobile development company that made TrafficTweet) says those attacks may be causing sporadic issues with updates in the TrafficTweet app. (You can still see traffic updates on Twitter by searching for “@traffictweetme” and “@traffictweetapp”.) Still, Upender says he’s grateful that Twitter is “taking care of the ‘hard’ part of the problem, the communication infrastructure.”

Washington, D.C.-based Mobomo is self-funded. Upender was previously a co-founder at web development firm Intridea.