Jobvite, provider of software that helps companies recruit hires via popular social networks, has raised $8.25 million in a second round of funding to continue product development. Based in San Francisco, the company helps its clients create job posts on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, shuttle applicants through interviews and offers, and even leverage their current employees’ social graphs to find the best candidates.


Operating on the theory that employee referrals usually make the best hires, Jobvite’s software is designed to dig into staff members’ connections, selecting those best qualified for open positions based on certain criteria (this is less elaborate on Twitter, where users can only advertise job postings by tweet or direct message). Of course, employees need to give permission beforehand, and none of their contacts receive anything from the company before they are officially referred. This benefits both businesses looking for top talent, and employees who might be eligible for awards if their referrals are accepted.

Jobvite also keeps hiring campaigns more organized by centralizing referrals and applications across many social networks at once (something similar apps don’t do), and tracking candidates’ progress through the recruiting system. For these features, clients pay a one-time activation fee and a monthly subscription charge that varies depending on their size and the level of services required. It includes TiVo, Mozilla and 23andMe among its clients — a pretty impressive roster.

The recent round of funding was provided by new investor ATA Ventures and past backer CMEA Capital. Jobvite has now raised about $15.4 million to date.