_media-card_blackberry_pictures_img00104Did you miss Om Malik’s big mobile-Internet industry conference today? We went, along with a rumored 200 other members of the press.

I wrote down quotes from both presenters and attendees swirling around me. That’s Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha in the middle of the grainy BlackBerry photo, explaining to Google Android whiz Andy Rubin (left) and conference organizer Malik (right) that “I can’t imagine in five to seven years’ time, consumers not thinking of this” — Jha shook his phone at Om — “as their primary computer.”

Below, a collection of onstage quotes and overheard lines that sketch out the particular brand of industry religion being preached at Mobilize:

“There’s no mobile Internet. There’s just the Internet. In five years this [shakes phone] will be the Internet.”

“There is no recession in the mobile space.”

“The mobile Internet is the real Internet. We don’t go to it, it comes to us.”

“Context awareness is important. Multimedia is important.”

“We don’t view the ecosystem as a zero-sum game.”

“It’s not a phone anymore. It’s a remote-control device for the rest of the world.”

Also, jargon watch on the word freemium. Several panelists used it, and every one of them apologized for it.