Screen shot 2010-01-07 at 5.44.47 PMEnergizer, the consumer battery goliath, has some tricks up its sleeve for 2010. But instead of pulling a pink bunny out of a hat, it’s introducing a slew of geeky green products under the banner of its Energi to Go line.

These new devices will do everything from double your iPhone’s battery life with solar power, to charge devices wirelessly using special recharging pads (pictured), to provide extra juice for your laptop, cell phone and digital camera while you’re on the go.

This new effort says two things about Energizer’s strategy for the new year. First, it’s following in the footsteps of companies like Ardica and Horizon Battery in their prediction that portable power storage is going to become an even bigger deal. And second, based on its integration of solar, it obviously believes that sun power has a place at the small-scale, consumer level.

Of course, Energizer isn’t doing anything unheard of in solar. D.light has been integrating small solar panels into its lanterns for a while now. And Ardica has had portable lithium-based storage on the market for a while too. Even REI can sell you a flexible, portable solar panel for your backpack that can charge portable electronics. What distinguishes Energizer is that it has the manufacturing and distribution capacity to turn out far more incremental options for consumers in all these areas.

While Ardica and Horizon both offer similar portable power devices, the former’s Moshi system only comes in one size, and it can’t charge up a laptop — it doesn’t make use of solar either. Horizon’s fuel cells don’t have the per-unit energy storage to be practical for larger applications like netbooks and laptops either. Again, their fuel cells only come in one size. Energizer has them both beat because you can more easily scale its products to meet intended uses.

It will be interesting to see if Horizon and Ardica come out with new offerings in order to keep up with the competition, but not that the bunny’s entered the market, it’s predicted to only keep going, and going and going…