Chorus, an iPhone-app-based social network whose goal is to let friends recommend other apps to friends, released its user data for December over the weekend. The Internet Movie Database app, iMDB, was not only the most recommended app, it was the one that users attempted to download the most. In the paid category, the 99-cent game DropZap ruled.
Chorus was launched in November of 2009. Since then, the app’s maker, envIO Networks, says the average Chorus user has invited 75 friends to join the network. No specifics are available on how many of those friends actually joined.

EnvIO Networks, based in Andover, Massachusetts, has been around since 1996. Prior to their focus on social networks, the company designed and developed wireless messaging and content management products. envIO was, for a while, part of Qualcomm’s FLO Forum, an industry coalition formed to support Qualcomm’s mobile TV technology. The company has raised $17 million in two rounds of funding, most recently a $10 million round in May 2008 led by Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.