Location-based game Foursquare has found its groove, as U.S. visits to the site jumped 50 percent in January, according to Hitwise.

Overall, traffic is up 200 percent since November. The stats confirm Foursquare’s own public comments. The company said last month, “Our growth curve no longer looks like a hockey stick. It looks like a skateboard ramp with 4 feet of vert. Bananatown.”

Foursquare is one of the breakout stars in location-based gaming, an area that we’ve seen tremendous growth in over the past six months. Yesterday, we reported that Booyah’s MyTown game had surpassed 800,000 users. Foursquare’s base is estimated to be about half of that at around 350,000 users.

After winning early popularity with gaming incentives like badges and check-ins, Foursquare is trying to pursue more of a platform model. It released an application programming interface that has enabled augmented reality apps and photo check-ins. The company has also secured a number of partnerships with larger media brands. Over the weekend, it announced a deal with Bravo allowing fans to win special badges tied to places featured on the cable network.

After years of trying to make location-based social networks mainstream through earlier startups like Dodgeball, it looks like Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley may finally get his chance to make it big.