Today Techmeme creator Gabe Rivera just launched Mediagazer, his latest news aggregator.  The site will cover the latest media news, from the production side, to distribution and new technologies.

Mediagazer features the same hybrid approach of automatic and manual editing for selecting stories as Techmeme. The site is edited by Megan McCarthy, Techmeme’s first human editor. In a blog post introducing Mediagazer, McCarthy writes about the main purpose of the site:

We’ve combined sophisticated automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from knowledgeable human editors to present the one indispensible narrative of an industry in transition. We collect relevant takes on an issue and package them together in a comprehensive group of links. That way, you not only get the lead opinion on an issue, but you can easily find the supporting, opposing, smart, controversial, notable, and previously unseen viewpoints. You get the big picture.

Functionally, it’s no different than what’s being done at Techmeme, or Rivera’s other niche aggregation sites memeorandum, WeSmirch, and Ballbug. The focus on media is timely though — considering the impending release of the iPad and other tablets, as well as other new technologies, on the growing media landscape.

The site features a mobile version at, and iPhone/Android users will be redirected to that address whenever they visit the main site. A simplified mobile site is available at for older phones.

We’re in a period of rebirth for media of all types: Newspapers and magazine publishers need to learn how to survive in the digital age while facing diminishing print readers, film and television video content producers need to figure out new ways to distribute their media, and the increasing ubiquity of the web in our lives is changing how consumers are approaching media. Mediagazer may be a little late to the party, but there’s no doubt that there will be tons of media news to cover, and just as many interested eyes to read it.

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