At some point you have to find and go to a doctor. Right now you can look for doctors online, but often you get no insight into the doctor’s practice or their personality. Insider Pages, a place people go to post and read reviews on local businesses and services, today announced the launch of Doctor Finder, a tool to help people find medical specialists partnered with patient reviews.

The key feature to this service is the patient reviews. Those aren’t really featured through traditional health insurer websites, which many people use to find doctors that will accept their coverage plans. Each listing provides detailed reviews from previous patients to give you a sense of the doctor, facility and their experience. Dr. Galina Rabkin, an entry for my search for Boston doctors, not only provides all the basic information around location, business hours and contact info, but also 29 reviews. The reviews help users to gain a better understanding of the medical service before they make a decision.

All the information on insurance and records comes from a partnership with HealthGrades, a healthcare rating organization, and the Insider Pages adds the reviews and ratings. HealthGrades is also adding 1.2 million patient surveys that will help supplement the doctor and dentist listings with more information around services and experiences, according to the company.

The service is simple and straight-forward to use. A search box prompts the user to first search by their location and type of medical service they need: doctor or dentist. One a location is entered, a list of medical specialists in the area are listed. Additional search options allows the user to narrow their search, including by specialty, insurance and distance.

Competitive sites like or can also be used to search for doctor or dentist listings with reviews. Insider Pages may have an advantage with already having more than 6 million unique monthly visitors looking for local business and service reviews.

Insider Pages is a subsidiary of Citysearch, which itself is owned by IAC, and is headquartered in San Francisco.