Here’s the latest action:

Adobe makes it to Apple devices via Greystripe — Adobe and Greystripe announced in tandem today that they will be working together to bring rich-media and interactive advertisements to the Android, iPhone and iPad platforms, according to TopTechNews.

Microsoft quietly releases Windows Phone 7 details — Interestingly, on the day that the news is all about the iPhone, the Windows Phone Blog has also come out with some deeper descriptions about impending products. Get all the details here.

Military ups the ante on social networking feautresThe New York Times came out with a feature today on how the U.S. military can better use social networking and chatrooms to connect soldiers together and provide them with more support.

Facebook soups up its analytics — In order to make its analytics platform more competitive with Google Analytics, the social network has revamped its offering, so now you can see granular data about individual items posted on your web sites.

Limewire off the hook for now — The file sharing service has been taking a real beating from the music industry, which has sued the company to shut it down over copyright infringements. But today, the judge hearing the case granted LimeWire two weeks to respond to allegations before facing the chopping block.

Seed deals account for a quarter of early-stage dealsAccording to a new report from CB Insights, seed-stage funding rounds accounted for 26 percent of the early stage venture deals made during the first quarter of 2010.

Energy Star now for data centers — The U.S. Department of Energy’s energy efficiency certification program, Energy Star, has just opened up to data centers that have hit certain efficiency standards. They have to be in the top 25 percent to make the cut. shines on doctors working abroad — The search company’s philanthropic branch has donated 3,000 solar chargers to International Medical Corps, a nonprofit organization that provides health care to under-served populations in the developing world.