Kontagent, a company that provides Facebook application analytics, is raising a $5.9 million first round of funding according to a recently filed SEC form. Co-founder Albert Lai confirmed the funding.

Kontagent has developed an analytics tools for Facebook application developers looking to gain helpful insight into how their apps are doing. With close to 500 million Facebook users, there is a great opportunity to generate large amounts of revenue from an application. Information like age, gender, location and number of friends can be the difference between success and a flop. The tool also tracks views, conversation rates on invites and notifications as well as the apps viral nature. Developers can also do A/B testing, or sample testing, to find out what works best before officially launching.

Before you worry the company is aggregating your personal information and giving it to Facebook application developers, the company promptly claims on its website that it doesn’t collect information like names or emails. Facebook and online privacy continues to be a hot topic.

The company also claims to be launching analytics support for MySpace and OpenSocial. Offering support for more social networks is a good move as Facebook continues to offer improved analytics for its developers.

The San Francisco based company, founded in 2007, previously secured an angel round of funding for $1.25 million.  According to the company’s website, customers range from gaming to entertainment, including notable names Paramount, CBS, Pop Cap and Real.