Mobile ad network Greystripe says its ads now work with ad network “mediator” AdWhirl. This is the first of what should be a number of Greystripe integrations with similar services.

These mediators allow mobile app developers to pull advertising from multiple ad networks to fill their ad inventory and maximize their revenue. AdWhirl (now owned by Google through the search giant’s acquisition of AdMob) already supports a number of other networks, including AdMob (obviously), JumpTap, Millennial Media, and Apple-owned Quattro. Developers can even incorporate ad networks not built into service.

However, Greystripe didn’t work on AdWhirl until now because its main format was a full-screen ad built with its proprietary technology. Starting this week, the banner ad format that the San Francisco company announced earlier this year will work on AdWhirl. The format includes features like the ability to expand, when clicked, into a fullscreen ad, as well as Greystripe’s Lightning Technology to convert Flash-format into HTML5 when viewed on the iPhone.

Greystripe said it will announce the specifics of its integration with other ad network mediators as those features become available.