I wrote about Memeo‘s GDrive document synchronization tool in June, but the company has also been working more quietly on another product — Memeo Send. Where Memeo Connect and the GDrive are a way for users to store and synchronize their documents among all of their own devices, Memeo Send is an easy way to send electronic files.

The Aliso Viejo, Calif. company is releasing an upgraded version of the product today, version 1.5. The basic tool is the same. Director of Strategy and Business Development Spencer Chen said the big emphasis has been on the simplicity of the experience. You drag-and-drop your files into a box icon, enter the recipients’ email addresses, and off the files go. Then you’re notified when each of their recipients has downloaded the package. Chen said users have compared the experience to UPS or FedEx.

Memeo Send is a desktop application that works on Windows and Mac. recipients can download their files without installing send.

The changes in Memeo Send 1.5 are mostly tweaks aimed at making the experience even easier, such as the ability to add another recipient to a package after it has been sent without any extra charge. The company is also introducing a “freemium” pricing plan, where users can send packages of up to 100 megabytes for free, then for bigger files they have to pay $4.95 per package or $19.95 per month.

I asked whether there’s a big need for a product like this, since email apps like Gmail allow users to send and store larger files. Product Management Director Ray Combs pointed out that email programs still limit the size of individual attachments (in Gmail, for example, the limit is 25 megabytes), while there’s absolutely no limit in Memeo Send. Chen added that email doesn’t have the security and tracking that Memeo offers.

Memeo Send has 50,000 users who have sent more than 500,000 packages, the company says. And it seems like other companies have become more interested in the market too. For example Smith Micro, whose software includes the StuffIt file compressor, recently announced a file delivery app.

Memeo is backed by G-51 Capital and Foundry Group.

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