PayPalThe only developer conference dedicated to payments – PayPal X Innovate 2010 – will take place Oct 26-27 at Moscone West in San Francisco. The conference brings together industry experts, developers and entrepreneurs to explore areas that are dramatically changing the way we pay – the phenomenal growth of mobile payments, the rise of social commerce, and the move to Internet-enabled local payments. Netscape co-founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, Web 2.0 inventor Tim O’Reilly, and surprise guests will convene at the event to define the future of payments and arm developers with ways to capitalize on it.

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“There’s a developer gold rush going on, and PayPal is providing the picks and shovels,” Tim O’Reilly says. At Innovate 2010, developers will get more tools:

  • Code samples from 40+ hands-on, developer-led technical sessions
  • Live demos from 60+ exhibits – including sponsors Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, FreshBooks, Appcelerator, Green Dot, Joyent, Magento, TopCoder, Zuora and more
  • Pitch session with highly engaged VCs
  • Attendees can take part in a live episode of Diggnation’s weekly tech and web culture show.

Whether you’re working on an e-commerce solution, mobile app, game or other digital goods experience – or dreaming up an entirely new business – this is one conversation about money you won’t want to miss.

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