Cloud Engines, maker of the Pogoplug device for accessing and sharing content from your hard drive via the internet, today announced the launch of Pogoplug Pro. And for those who never liked the device because it was bright pink, the new Pro comes in black.

The device lets users save content safely on USB hard drives connected to the Pogoplug device and is available from any Internet enabled device, including apps for the iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, and Palm (see below).

The new device has all the same features as the original, including searching across drives, create slideshows, photo timelines, share address books, and even playing movies, but now includes wireless capabilities, making it easy to place anywhere in the home or office.

Setup is easy, the company says. Plug the box into a regular power outlet, find a wireless connection and connect a hard drive or flash drive via a USB cable. 

The company has had a fair amount of activity over the past year since the launch of the original Pogoplug, including securing a second round of funding for $3 for a total of $6.25 to date. Several months ago, the company added two new features; streaming media and automatic back-up for files.

The San Francisco-based company, founded in 2007, plans to sell the new Pogoplug Pro at Best Buys and online for $99.