Here are the top cleantech stories we’re following today on the GreenBeat:

Boeing announced it will deliver its first high-efficiency solar cells for commercial sale in January. The cells, originally developed for outer space use, have an efficiency rate of 39.2 percent.

Chinese solar leader Yingli Green Energy has released another strong earnings report, reporting a 33.3 percent gross margin that approaches the 40.2 percent reported by industry leader First Solar. Yingli’s success showcases how Chinese solar companies, fueled by easy money and government support, are quickly rising in the sector, the Motley Fool writes.

After struggling with getting its technology to work quickly, venture-funded solar startup Wakonda appears to be approaching the end of its days, Greentech Media reports.

After the failure of cap-and-trade carbon emissions legislation, a group of executives from utilities like Exelon and Oncor are pushing ahead with self-initiated efforts to green their operations, the WSJ reports.

Smart meters are ramping up quickly — 90 U.S. utilities have 57.9 million smart meters planned for deployment, according a new report from Pike Research, Earth2Tech reports.

California regulators have temporarily withdrawn approval of a proposed 663.5-megawatt Calico solar plant by NTR’s Tessera Solar after opponents criticized that it had been improperly licensed, Reuters reports. (Update: Tessera spokeswoman Janette Coates emailed to say “the approval has not been withdrawn…Rather, the Commission stayed the effective date of the approval, and scheduled a vote for December 1 to address the clerical errors, which have to do with the effective date of the decision.”) The full text of the decision is available on the California Energy Commission site, and says the CEC will withdraw its previous notice of decision; stay the “provisions” of the Calico decision, pending reconsideration;  and will consider granting a petition for reconsideration (filed by the California Unions for Reliable Energy) on Dec. 1.

Greener data center technology company Smooth-Stone has changed its name to Calxeda. The company raised $48 million just three months ago and recently added a new executives.