Motorola Xoom TabletTablets, tablets, tablets. That’s what the Consumer Electronics Show has felt like so far, and both Motorola and LG continue the craze with their newly announced 4G Android 3.0 tablets.

Motorola is calling its long-awaited tablet the Xoom, a 10.1-inch tablet running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It will sport a dual-core 1 gigahertz processor, 1080p high-definition playback (with a HDMI output to display content on TVs), and front and rear-facing cameras at 2 megapixels and 5MP respectively. Motorola says the Xoom will launch in the first quarter of this year, and isn’t saying anything about price just yet.

LG, perhaps seeing the attention Motorola was getting with its tablet announcement, announced its 4G tablet: the T-Mobile G-Slate. We don’t know much about the G-Slate yet, other than the fact that it runs the tablet-friendly Android 3.0 OS (which looks slicker than the iPad’s interface, in my opinion), and that it will be available “in coming months.” We expect to get the full skinny on the tablet tomorrow morning at T-Mobile’s CES press conference.

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